Check out our newest room "DEATH ROW"

909 North collier Blvd. Marco Island fl 34145(239)272-3090 Escape Game

909 North collier Blvd. Marco Island fl 34145(239)272-3090 Escape Game909 North collier Blvd. Marco Island fl 34145(239)272-3090 Escape Game


Due to COVID19  we are only taking bookings  by phone.  One group up to 8 people, one room at a time.  Please Call to schedule your private experience.  (239)272-3090

What is xtreme escape?

Xtreme Escape Game is an entertainment game in the heart of Marco Island.  Your goal is simple; you have 60 minutes to "Escape" from one of our real life escape rooms.  Our rooms are filled with riddles, mind tricks and puzzles that if conquered will set you free.  Think you have what it takes to escape.....THINK AGAIN!


EVERYONE!  Xtreme Escape is for families, date nights, corporate events, team building for businesses, birthday parties, private parties and other special events.  


The city morgue


25% Success Rate

Your part time job at the city morgue has taken a deadly turn!  
You hear noises from the basement.  You go to investigate and
discover a room you never knew existed.  Reluctantly, you enter.  
The lights go out and the door slams shut behind you.   Your nightmare has just begun! 

There are only two ways out...  DEAD or ALIVE!!!  

death row


15% Success Rate

You’ve been convicted and sentenced to the death penalty by electrocution for unmentionable crimes.  You have exactly 60 minutes before you time is up.  All your appeals have been denied, all options exhausted and your last meal has been served! You are going to FRY!  Unless… you can successfully find the clues left behind by the spirit of Ms. Ruth Snyder, a former death row inmate, and escape Ol’ Sparky before the warden comes calling!

If you purchase fewer than the maximum number of tickets, you may be playing with others... If you choose to have the room to yourself you must purchase all of the tickets for that time slot...